Become a speaker at the International Youth Forum

13. April 2022

Estonian Union for Child Welfare, together with the ambassadors for the Rights of the Child are looking for people for whom the involvement of children in policy-making is an important issue and they are ready to discuss it at an international Youth Forum.

In 2020, Estonia won the right to host the annual ISPCAN (International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect) European Congress, where hundreds of international delegates are expected. The 4-day Congress “Child Protection for the Most Vulnerable Children and Families” will take place on 13-16th June 2022 in Tallinn.

As part of this Congress, a Youth Forum will be held on 15th June, focusing on “Involving children in policy-making”. Estonian Union for Child Welfare invites people who feel that they have something to say on this topic to apply as a speaker by filling in a special form before 9th of May.

On 15th May, the organizing team of the Youth Forum will select from among all those who will be entitled to take part in the presentation or discussion of the topics.