13. June 2016


Estonian Ministry of Education and Reaserch

Ministry of Social Affairs

Ministry of Justice

Chancellor of Justice

Open Estonia Foundation

National Foundation of Civil Society

Estonian Youth Work Centre

European Commission 

Police and Border Guard Board

Estonian Bar Association


Estonian Civil Society

NGO Tartu Child Support Center

SOS Children´s Village

NGO Family Center You and Me

Tallinn University

University of Tartu

The Ombudsman for Children

Child Helpline

Social Insurance Board

Information Technology Foundation for Education

Estonian National Youth Council

Estonian School Student Councils’ Union

The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People

… and other organisations.

International partners:

Save the Children (Denmark)


Mannerheim League for Child Welfare

Central Union for Child Welfare (Finland)

European Network of Masters in Children’s Rights


Better Internet for Kids


The Mary Foundation

Canadian Centre for Child Protection