Youth Council

19. August 2016

The Youth Council of Estonian Union for Child Welfare brings together youngsters aged between 7-26. The Youth Council was established on 1st of June 2004, when the day of children is celebrated. By today, the Youth Council has been outlined in the  statute of Estonian Union for Chil Welfare, as it forms an important part in the work of Estonian Union for Child Welfare.

The purpose of the Youth Council is to involve youngsters in topics and questions that NGO Estonian Union for Child Welfare works with, as most commonly they do affect children in their everyday lives. Through this we create an opportunity for youngsters to share their thoughts, ideas and initiatives they’d like to carry out. Together with the organization, several events and projects has been carried out, e.g. „101 children to Toompea“, „Youth Parliament“, several workshops, conferences and trainings on children’s rights and participation.

The members of the Youth Council are mostly from Tallinn, but there are also youngsters from Tartu, Võru and Jõhvi. Joining the Youth Council doesn’t have any preconditions, as the youngsters doesn’t have to have any previous experiences in involvement or participation and they don’t need  to participate in a work of any other youth organisation. What is considered, when joining the youth council, is the courage to share their thoughts and ideas and active participation in the activities of the Youth Council.

In case you would like to learn more about the Youth Council of Estonian Union for Child Welfare, you can contact by writing to