Conference „How are you, Estonian Child? Children in the changing digital world“

24. October 2018

Conference „How are you, Estonian Child? Children in the changing digital world

The annual conference of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare, entitled „How are you, Estonian Child? Children in the changing digital world“ will be held on 22th of November 2018 in Hestia Hotel Europa Conference Centre (located at Paadi 5, Tallinn).

The Digital world is a natural part of our daily life. We consume e-services more and more and the skills to consume and shape these services knowledgeably is becoming more and more important. Children learn to use new technologies faster than adults as they are born into a world where a computer and smart devices are the natural part of life. The digital world provides children with excellent opportunities (to learn, to communicate, to consume and create information) but at the same time it includes dangers (consuming damaging material, falling
victim of sexual abuse, cyber-bullying, etc).

How do children use digital technologies and its opportunities? What role do these technologies play in the learning processes and development of children? What risks to children take, what dangers to they encounter, what information and support do they need to cope successfully in digital social networks and who can they get it from? These are all topics and questions which we will be discussing in this conference. We will also go over the roles of adults – teachers, parents, specialists working with children – in supporting the development of the digital competences of children and youngsters.

The conference is predominantly directed to adults, but youngsters are also invited to participate and to share their thoughts and suggestions at the end of the conference.

Simultaneous interpretation during the conference into Estonian and English is ensured. There is no simultaneous interpretation in the workshops except in the workshop Better protection for children online.

The conference is organised in cooperation between Estonian Safer Internet Centre partners: Estonian Union for Child Welfare, Information Technology Foundation for Education, Estonian Social Insurance Board & Child Helpline and Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

The conference is financed by European Union programme Connected European Facility, Council of Gambling Taxes, Information Technology Foundation for Education and Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

For registration and information please visit conference website.

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