The annual conference of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare ‘How Are You, Estonian Child? In Cooperation for the Child

13. November 2017

The annual conference of the Estonian Union for Child Welfare, entitled ‘How Are You, Estonian Child? In Cooperation for the Child’, will be held on 24 November in Mektory Business and Innovation Centre (located at Raja 15, Tallinn). Estonia is undergoing changes in activities concerning child offenders (abolition of juvenile committees, implementation of restorative justice in activities concerning […]

Children’s Rights Month – annual tradition of the Union for Child Welfare

13. November 2017

On 20 November, Universal Children’s Day is celebrated throughout the world. The Estonian Union for Child Welfare has declared November as Children’s Rights Month, during which principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child will be highlighted traditionally through different activities. The governments of the States Parties to the UN […]

Child rights drawing competition

7. March 2016

icture your rights and bring your voice to the Eurochild Conference 2016! Are you passionate about children’s rights? Send us a drawing of a right you think matters most to you! Your drawings will feature in our conference materials and you could win a trip to meet European officials and other young people like you […]

Best children´s books of 2014

29. February 2016

Estonian Union for Child Welfare had the leading role for sixth year in a row to choose the best children´s books published in Estonia in a last year – 2014. Luckily the are many children´s books still published. It can be hard for a parent to choose the ones most suitable for their offsprings. That is […]