(English) Christmas Day charity program in Estonia: Joulutunnel (Christmas Tunnel)

6. January 2015

On the 25th of December 2014, the Estonian Union for Child Welfare in cooperation with Estonian Television carried out a charity program lasting for the whole day, which was dedicated to supporting hobby education for children in need, Eurochild wrote.

Through the television program the Estonian Union for Child Welfare gave an overview of the lives and problems of children in Estonia. The donations amounted to 150,000 euros for children aged 4 – 19 years, being raised by grandparents, from families with many children, or from families in difficulty.

The aim of the support is to increase the developing possibilities of these children through hobby education, through activity based on the interests of a certain child, to acquire skills and knowledge or to obtain musical instruments, sports equipment etc.

The donations cover also the participation fee of hobby group, contests, children’s camp connected with recreational activities. The benefit can be applied by parents, caregivers, guardians, who submit an application to the social workers of their district. The applications are reviewed and confirmed by the general committee of the Union for Child Welfare. The maximum amount for covering the costs is up to 500 euros. We hope that for the International Day for Protection of Children each child has obtained the wished support as objects or as a proof that the participation fee of chosen hobby group or children’s camp has been paid for him/her.